Secure EMC at low introductory terms to pay for your electricity and buy other Net Zero products in the future with the climate protection token EMC.

How to support the development of the EMC ecosystem and become an active EMC climate protector:

As a Climate Protector or Retail Investor

Create a Leondrino Wallet and put the EMC Token in your Wallet. Then follow the instructions for purchasing EMC Tokens in the Leondrino Wallet.

Please note that the amount of tokens purchased in the Leondrino Wallet is limited depending on your user classification and the Leondrino Token Class of EMC.

Short description:

  • Create a Leondrino Wallet
  • Add data to user profile
  • Identification (Leondrino KYC Check)
  • Put EMC Token in your wallet
  • Click ‘Buy Tokens’
  • Read an accept token sale conditions
  • Specify desired amount and pay with EUR
  • Receive EMC Tokens
  • Finished!

As a Professional Investor

If you are a private investor or work as a wealth manager in a family office VC or token fonds and plan to invest greater amounts please contact us via our e-mail Please use the ‘Investor EMC Token’ as subject and mention the wished investment amount.

Then we send you information material and a contract proposal for a purchase contract (SAFT – Standard Agreement on Future Token) and/or a contract proposal for a loan with the option to convert it into EMC Tokens when those are available for public trade (Leondrino Convertible). We offer attractive price discounts depending on the volume and signing date of the purchase contract.